Thursday, 27 October 2016

Please combat to make love work - Tyrese begs couples

Musician and actor, Tyrese took to Instagram to have a good time love and air his thoughts at the significance of having a person to call your very own..He wrote
Say whatever you wanna say........ I'm strong, I'm independent, I can do bad all by myself, I don't need no man I'm good.... fellas...... I'm out here gettin this money I don't GAF about a B?? Still clubbin every night, popping bottles with random models...... putting chicks on flights every other day to fill that empty void.... smashing every model, video vixen you can....... but something IN you still feels lonely........... there IS a suck thing as having a women IN your bed and still feeling alone cause other than what y'all are doing for each other IN that bed you really could care less....... because you're alone doesn't mean you're lonely...... but don't independence your way into loneliness....... this is grown man and grown woman season - Pride and ego is the devils work..... I hope you call him or her back and take that more serious..... everyone wants someone to all their own....... I am praying for all couples, engagements, and marriages I'm celebrating LOVE around he world..... I'm begging you please FIGHT to make love work.... don't let her leave fellas after you KNOW you're the one who made the mistake.....: team no pride and no ego..... God bless you!!!!

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