Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Heavily pregnant woman survives attack after being shot three times (Photos)

 A heavily pregnant woman, Susheela Kumar, from Mahavir Colony, in Haryana, India, was over the weekend shot three times while she slept, but she managed to survive the attack and delivered her baby with the bullets still inside her.

27-year-old Susheela and her husband Pradip were attacked by gunmen in the night in an attempted honour killing, reports say. Unfortunately, Suseela’s husband, Pradip, and his parents died from the attack...

Susheela, who was nine months pregnant was hit by three bullets – one, sliced her arm, the other passed through her mouth and the third bullet had pierced through her pancreas. When the attackers left, neighbours called for help and she was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors saved her and delivered the baby by C-section.

Susheela had married late Pradip, also 27, four years ago against her family's wishes. The couple fled their village to start a new life, but returned to Pradip's family home when she became pregnant.

Authorities say the incident was an attempted honour killing.

Meanwhile her yet-to-be named baby is fully grown and weighs 2.2kg. He has been kept in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, while the mother is being treated.
Source: DailyMail UK

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