Thursday, 1 December 2016

Professor under fire for calling Michelle Obama Monkey Face on Facebook

Barely a month after West Virginia mayor resigned after praising her friend’s Facebook post calling the First Lady an “ape in heels.”a Colorado doctor is under fire for calling Michelle Obama a monkey face.

JoAnn Nieto who reported the case, was shocked when she encountered a racist comment the doctor had made about the First Lady while scrolling through her Facebook feed.

Denver Health Medical Center doctor Michelle Herren posted an unflattering picture of FLOTUS under a status with a comment that read

”Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!" Herren added.
 Herren works in the children’s unit as a pediatric anesthesiologist and is listed as an assistant professor at the University Of Colorado Denver School Of Medicine, a non-paid position.
It’s absolutely outrageous and ludicrous. It’s unprofessional,” Nieto said, who also complained to the CU Board of Regents. “She’s unapologetic.”
Herren removed her comment and has since taken down her Facebook page.
Until further notice, Michelle Herren, MD, will not be seeing patients or providing anesthesia services at Denver Health Medical Center," Denver Health spokesperson, Kelli Christensen, said in a statement to the News. 
The doctor earns a $363,000 salary and has been employed at the clinic since 2007, according to Denver Health.

NewYork Daily News

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