Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I am an original Nwa Biafran - Charly Boy writes

After revealing his stake on the Biafra issues (Read Here), Charly Boy has taken to his Facebook page to write about him been a proud Igbo man and a Biafran....Read below!

I am a proud Igbo man, a home boy and a native fowl. No demo. My friends call me Igbotic not because am a nerd, or a jewman. But because I represent and symbolise all the characteristics of a typical igbo man pre the civil war. The Igbos may have short circuited their political growth, but it doesn't take away the fact that we are great Nigerians.

I have learnt to be more Igbotic than I ever expected. As an igbo man, I have learnt to be more profitable in the things that I do. I have perfected the art of being tenacious in any dream I chase; to be industrious, consistent and powerfully focused. All the lessons I learnt from my brothers in the tribe have made me dogged, hardworking and exhibiting the ability and capacity to survive in any kind of weather.

I am an original Nwa Biafra.

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