Sunday, 19 February 2017

Parents of a baby born with two heads calls it a "gift from God" (Photos)

A baby boy born with two heads has been dubbed a "gift from God by his parents..

The unnamed boy with two heads and a single body,was born to parents Nasreen, 30, and Naseem Mohammad, 34.

They only discovered the malformation during an ultrasound scan the day before he was born, the Times of India reports.The pair who have four other children - apparently told doctors they were "ready to accept a child under any circumstances.A local source said:

".The baby was born via c-section in SP Hospital in Yamunanagar, Haryana, India, on Wednesday but tragically only survived a few hours.
"The couple came to know of the two heads just one day prior to operation.The parents were astonished but they were ready to accept a child under any circumstance."They didn't have any scan.
"Doctors said the baby was a 'miraculous child' while the parents said he was a 'wonderful gift of god'."

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