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Thursday, March 2, 2017

6 Most Popular Hotels In Osu Accra

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Destination: Osu. The most popular 3-star hotels in Osu are as flickering quality as the most popular 1st class restaurants in Osu. The best cars driven in Osu match the top-quality offices in the town.
The popularity of Osu in Accra is notoverrated. It is worth every dime of the hype it receives.  If you doubt this, you can ask anyone who know the city well enough to know his or her way around it.
Osu is lit all year round. Particularly during the festive seasons and the holiday, Osu, Accra is forever in a frenzy. When these times come around the pause button on your body ceases to work until you cannot take it any longer.

After all the fun has died down, it will be time to unwind. For sure, Osu seldom sleeps. But for all the fun is worth, a man must relax at the end of the day(or should I say, at the end of the adventure). The son of man must have a place to lay his head. And the quality of your preferred accommodation should match the level of fun you had. Agreed?

If yes, then, here are the 7 most popular 3-star hotels in Osu Accra in pictures. Daring to say that this list of the most popular 3-star hotels in Osu will easily pass for the list of the most popular 3-star hotels in Accra.
2. Paintsiwa Wangara Apartments
3. +At Home Boutique Hostel 
4. Prestige Suites
5. Roots Hotel Apartment
6. Urbano Hotel
7. Olma Colonial Suites

Visiting Accra soon? Want a place for the celebration? Osu is what is happening! This list of the most popular 3-star hotels in Osu, Accra will make more comfortable.

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