Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Actress Ireti Doyle celebrates her 50th Birthday with beautiful new photo

Veteran actress Ireti Doyle, turned 50 today and shared this beautiful photo and a powerful prayer for herself on Instagram.

She wrote:
Today...I speak over my life and my household that God has done a new thing in our lives. 
My testimonies will not fade away, and my victories shall never cease. God's glory shines over my life, and I have been lifted eternally.
I forever prosper in all my hands find to do. My success is unending and my progress is limitless. God has shown me mercy, I have received favour, and I move forward, never to be stagnated. 
Of my increase in life, grace and faith, there shall be no end. I am jet-propelled into destiny. I grow deeper in the knowledge and revelation of God. I am established in His will. The blood of His everlasting covenant speaks mercy on my behalf. Death is swallowed up in victory. Perfect love has cast out fear. I am the the beloved of the Lord, sanctified unto good works. I am anointed to excel in life.
I have an eternity with God, I attract greatness. I have peace, I am strengthened with might in my inner man. I exchange weakness for the power of His Spirit. I move up to a higher level, I progress to to another dimension. The future opens up to me. My harvest is unstoppable. I ENTER into my season of unhindered greatness. I overcome the world.
My faith will not fail. I am destined to eat the good of the land. I am prepared to reign in life. Abundance is here, and the windows of heaven are opened. The gates of poverty are broken. I have access into the store houses of eternal prosperity. My place in Christ is secured. My inheritance is preserved. My lot is maintained. God has settled me in Jesus Name...
I belive and I say AMEN.
(Culled from Goke Cokers "GOD'FESSIONS)
Olusola Anike....Iretiola...Pele...o ku irin. Aadota odun ko may nse nkan kekere. Hmm...wo ibi ti o tin ba bo....wo ibi ti Olorun gbe e are a living testimony of how the Lord can take a hot mess and turn it into something beautiful His own time.
What a journey eh..? Not always smooth...not always "picture perfect" but there is no denying that the Lord HE HAS DONE ALL THINGS WELL.
#Gratittude #2017MonsterYear#50&FAB😎#NewDay 🌹#NewBeginnings🌹#RefreshedRenewedRejuvenated🌺🌹🌷"

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