Tuesday, 2 May 2017

What really happened between Comedian Arinze Baba and the Nigerian Army

Nigerian comedian who was brutalized by men of the Nigerian Army force yesterday on his way back from Enugu, has finally opened up on what really lead to the assault on him by the Nigerian army men attached to a Jeep.

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The comedian wrote: 
"I was returning from Enugu to Portharcout yesterday and there was a heavy traffic jam between Aba and Obibo so the drivers were trying to maneuver their way out of the gridlock. There was a black jeep behind our bus that had tinted back seat windows, only the front seat window was a see-through. 
The driver of the jeep was trying to overtake the bus that I was inside. He literally told our driver to allow him overtake, then I asked him why would he allow that. And that was my error.
Unknown to me that there were two soldier guys inside the jeep and that was the reason why the driver wanted to chance every other road user.
The soldiers came down from the jeep, ordered me out of the bus and started flogging me mercilessly. 
They flogged me for up to 1hr. It was when I couldn't bear the floggings any longer that I took to my heels. They gave me a hot chase though but i was able to escape. I lost my phone and some money in the process. Some Army men later came and chased the jeep but they didn't get them.
I demand Justice. This nonsense and impunity must stop".

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