Tuesday, 13 June 2017

KO Baba & Bukwild Da Ikwerrian set to hold the Biggest Entertainment Convention In Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt based Nigerian comedian KO Baba, took to Facebook to talk about how entertainers in Port Harcourt needs more knowledge about the Business part of the Entertainment Industry which is lacking seriously among Port Harcourt entertainers.

The comedian said he will be working with one of Port Harcourt's major music export Bukwild Da Ikwerrian to host the Biggest Entertainment Convention in the city. Some of Nigerian's best brains in the entertainment business will be brought to share and transfer knowledge in relative to the business side of the game.

Read as Written by The Comedian
We are about to host one of the biggest Entertainment Convention in Port Harcourt, and the effect will bear positive result on our industry. The love for our city and root is driving us into bringing some of the best brains in the game to come transfer knowledge in relative to the business side of the game.

Our city must enjoy a lift, our city must become profitable especially if we can understand that there is a lot to gain from digitalized our craft and effectively managing our career.

Kobaba is a comedian, Bukwild Da Ikwerrian is a musician also doing very well from PH, Bobby Rak is a cinematographer, we need your support and sponsorship on this one. Let's change and improve the profitability and delivery capacity of entertainment in our city.

We are not doing this because we have too much money, but because we want to improve whats existing. Everywhere in the world, entertainers are among the top earners, while is Port Harcourt struggling to achieve that, we believe if we can bridge the knowledge gap and force the right action to happen consistently things we change for good.

Pls help us share and connect if you believe in this dream. Let me add, admission for this conference will be free. God bless!!!

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