Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How Patoranking successfully deceived all Nigerians

Nigerian singer Patoranking last week successfully lured all Nigerians especially bloggers into believing he had joined the baby daddy league.

First, the singer posted a photo of himself holding a beautiful lady who was heavily ‘pregnant’.

He tagged it Daddy Yo and without asking questions, we welcomed him to the baby daddy league and pointed the supposed girlfriend to the association of baby mamas!

Days later, Patoranking shared a photo from a South African hospital holding a baby whose sex could not be ascertained with his last laying on the bed like a new mother.

Again, we jumped into our keyboards and welcomed him to the league finally! Alas, it was a joke and we fell for it.

The singer knew what we wanted and he gave it to us although falsely. It happens that the whole story was been enacted from a new music video.

What Patoranking doesn’t know is that he really should make this be a reality…baby ‘daddy-ism’ is the next best thing in the industry! Ask the forerunners!

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