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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Youngest Couple: Check out mini-wedding photos of 5-year old boy & his 3-year old bride

Many thought that maturity is the keyword in marriage and many others does not see it from that angle.

Well in recent tines now a lot of young wedding photos and stories has been flooding the internet. This mini-wedding actually took place at Flint, Texas.

Their moms, both photographers, arranged the pint-size photo shoot for their kids who “love hanging out together.”

The newlyweds, Sullivan, 5 and Ella, 3, loved playing dress up and pretending to celebrate their big day.

According to the parents...
“We told them they were getting married and found a little baby-sized ring box. I told her she got to dress like a princess for her wedding,”
According to the mother of the bride who spoke with ABCnews
“I braided her hair and then they saw each other and they said, ‘We’re getting married today!’ They did pretty much everything themselves, then they’d look at each other and they would giggle.”
Pulizzi teamed up with Sullivan’s mom, Bria Nicole Terry of Wolf & Rose Photography, after working together several times and knowing their children would get along.

“I would die of happiness if they got married in the future,” Pulizzi said with a laugh.


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