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Sunday, November 27, 2016

5 key issues couples fight over

Like they say "No Relationship Is without a flaw" In fact couples that never fight (I don’t mean a fist fight), can be considered abnormal.....Read the five key issues couples fight over after the cut....

Everyone craves attention, from their partner especially. Everyone wants to feel special, They want their new cloths, shoes, hairstyle, hard work, laughter etc noticed by their partner, especially when complements are been accorded them from other people.  When that lack of attention is obviously felt it can cause a lot of friction in your relationship. Why else will you want to stick to someone if you cannot give or get their attention when you are in dare need of it.  Lack of attention and quality time in a relationship is one of the issues couples fight over.

I am sure you expected this to be number one already 😏. Yea! the money part reminds me of the popular song by Timaya & Flavour titled "Money" which has a lyrics like "When money No Dey, I Love You is just for mouth"...Lol. Well according to a Citibank survey, 57% of divorced couples cited money problems as the primary reason for the demise of their marriage. Money is a problem in many relationships. When expectations and needs are constantly unmet, the pressure in a relationship increases and when someone hasn’t mastered his/her emotions, they can act out of control or say very hurtful things to their partner. Money is undoubtedly a major reason couples fight.

So two people from different backgrounds decides to start another home. Conflicts begins from the moment the approval of your relationship or marriage depends on your parents affirmation. If the initial response isn’t positive your partner begins to feel a sense of rejection and even if the relationship eventually works out they want nothing to do with their partners family. When a couple sees their individual extended family as a burden , it becomes a major source of conflict. Couples fight when they are not entirely in sync with their individual extended family.

Who does what? another major issue couples fight over. Undone house chores can cause a lot of stress in the home, especially when one partner (usually the woman) feels overworked. Society and the fight for and against gender equality also keeps a lot of couples confuse as to who really does what in the home.

When couples begin to feel their physical intimacy needs are unmet, they fight. Your partner needs a listening ear, helping hands, shoulders to cry on, voice of consolation and motivation, your embrace and warmth and once it is lacking they cry out in demand.

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