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Friday, November 11, 2016

DECEMBER; A Month Flowing With Milk And Honey For Hotels In Ghana

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The festive season of Christmas is a bumper harvest season for hotels in Ghana. This is because events and activities are sprawled all over the country, there is bound to be a trip or an outing every day of that season. On the weekends, don’t go there! The days are packed from start to finish.
Thus, a peak in hotel bookings during the Christmas season is inevitable. And all the industry players know this all too well. This year, December will be an extra special month of rejoicing for hotels, online bookings and travel and tour agencies mainly because 2016 General Elections in Ghana is around the corner too.

With Ghanaians expected from the Diaspora to cast their ballots, it is more than a reminder of the cash that can be raked in by any prepared hotel/guesthouse, online booking platforms and travel/tour agencies.

So then big hotel deals must be splashed. Prices must be cut down. The general rule in the game is that -“Money must be used to pull money”.  During this time there is no room for complacency. Each hotel must outmanoeuvre all their competitors.

After all, they are targeting the same customer base. Which means, that, the greatness/relevance of a hotel deal hinges on how much it outwits all other competition. It is either a deal or it is no deal at all. There is nothing like a half deal, cool deal or considerable deal. If it is not the best,…..then forget it.

Being able to understand what can be a deal and what can’t as a hotel manager this December is crucial. Else, it may end up in an unforgivable loss and you will be eternally sorry. In some of the amazingly crazy deals that have been offered in December previously in Ghana, as much as 60% is cut from the prices of rooms/suites.

Yes…WOW! Others in the country have given guests a full-week stay for the price of 4 or 5 days. Some also added a free classy dinner to the package they offered.
With a few weeks to Christmas and much lesser than that to the Election 2016, the writings are all over the walls of the benefit the season will bring to the industry. And all deals alongside, promise to mesmerise everyone; whether in search of a hotel or not

If all other industries complain of a dip in profit this December, be sure to observe the queer grin on the faces of those in the hotel business. It would be an open secret then.


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