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Friday, December 30, 2016

Transgender couple bombarded with death threats after male partner gives birth

A transgender couple are being bombarded with death threats after the man, who used to be a woman, gave birth to their son.

Diane Rodriguez and her partner Fernando Machado welcomed Sununu in June.Neither Diane or Fernando have undergone surgery during their gender reassignment process, so becoming pregnant was still possible.

But Diane revealed that the couple, who met three years ago on social media, have received death threats against their family.

They hit headlines after becoming the first transgender couple in Ecuador to conceive a child naturally.
She added that the threats have gotten so bad, they asked for police protection.
Speaking to the Mirror, Diane, 34, told how transphobic bullies have been targeting the happy couple.They even threatened to kill their baby son in some of the hate-filled messages.
We have already spoken with the authorities here in Ecuador to protect us. We have asked for support also to give guaranteed safety in our house.
“We know that the people who want to attack us are few, but we have to take the necessary assurances.”

Diane’s partner, 22-year-old Fernando, fell pregnant last year and gave birth to their son, who’s name means ‘revolution of love’, in June.
At first, Diane’s family did not accept her decision to transition from a man into a woman.But since the pregnancy, they have welcomed her and Fernando and they even spent Christmas together with her mum

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