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Monday, February 27, 2017

Nigeria's problem is Unity, we are not united - Ben Murray Bruce

Read his piece below!
#NigeriasBiggestProblem is not a bad economy, terrorism or crime. Our problem is we are not united. Fix that and you fix Nigeria!
We have poisoned our youth with #NigeriasBiggestProblem. Using social media for disunity, fighting each other on basis of party and tribe.
#NigeriasBiggestProblem is the reason it was easy to defeat and colonize our ancestors. We are never united. To progress, we must change.

We take such delight in using our considerable intelligence to pull each down and have none left to pull Nigeria up #NigeriasBiggestProblem

The word 'United' in the names of USA, UK and UAE is what made those nations great. They are not smarter than us. They are just more united #NigeriasBiggestProblem

Someone brings good ideas but we do not consider the idea. Rather we fight the person because he is APC/PDP/North/South/Christian/Muslim #NigeriasBiggestProblem

Many brilliant Nigerians had their idea rejected because of where they came from only to go abroad to be successes #NigeriasBiggestProblem

Look at Awolowo. Imagine where Nigeria would have been if we forgot where that great sage was from and coalesced around his ideas for developing Nigeria #NigeriasBiggestProblem

It is because of disunity that Awolowo was the best President we never had. Everyone knew he was the best but he was rejected because of #NigeriasBiggestProblem

Today the economy is tanking, but instead of that to be out focus, we prefer to fight while Nigeria burns #NigeriasBiggestProblem

If you say the truth about our economy you are attacked. That's what they did in Zimbabwe. Where's their economy? #NigeriasBiggestProblem

#NigeriasBiggestProblem is disunity. I call on President Buhari and all ex Presidents to put aside their differences and help build unity

The only identity God gives you when you are born in Nigeria is Nigerian. All other identities come after that #NigeriasBiggestProblem

In conclusion let us learn to be blind to party, ethnicity and religion when issues of Nigeria's development are concerned #NigeriasBiggestProblem

My name is Ben Murray-Bruce and I just want to make Commonsense!

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