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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Not Too Late; Best Val's Day Packages To Take Advantage of

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Valentine is that one season of the year where every secret is an open one. I mean, you have to show your love to the one you love. It rhymes but it is real too. Otherwise, you know better than I do that for the rest of the over 300 days in 2017, a memory bank of you flop will be inscribed in both the heart and mind. Whoever opined that love does not come cheap was so right. It is a must to go out of your way on Val’s day to make that needed impression.
We never hear the end of the Valentine stories. On Val’s day, that once in a year feeling is intensely strong and who are you to fight it? Let us explore some of the best Val’s day packages and coolest deals to take advantage of this week. It is now or never.
It is even competition in this Valentine season. The top hotels in Ghana are on a collision course this week as each tries to outwit the advances of the other in an attempt to provide the most irresistible and best Val’s day packages for their guests. This is not just about the popular and expensive destinations, but rather the hotels with the best Val's day packages to choose from. Some of the names are not the big wigs or the usual forces we hear about. However, these hotels have proven that they know the Val’s day game so well that they are in for it. Surprise, Surprise!

Tropical Enclave Hotel

One will ask: from where cometh thou, Tropical Enclave? And they will happily respond that where they came from does not matter. “We came, we saw and we vowed to conquer”. This year their treat of a standard room with a lovely king’s breakfast coupled with a romantic dinner for two all for as low as $160 is one big headliner. Don’t forget to take your wine at the dinner. It is also on the house. Let your Valentine enjoy the season without the least clue that you did not squeeze out your pocket to make the heaven happen at the Tropical Enclave Hotel.

The Lansdown Resort
Enough of Accra. We are tired all the noise and duplication if we have not already burnt out the best Val's day packages in Accra. What's more the best are some distance outside the city. I mean a luxurious city getaway. It will pass for the romantic experience of a lifetime. Not only that, they have some of the best Val’s day packages you only dream of. The Lansdown Resort is doing the unheard off. They are offering guests their standard room for just $109 when on a normal day it goes for close to $150. In addition, you are treated to a romantic breakfast while overlooking the beautiful sights and sounds of the Resort in Aburi.

Asantwewaa Premier Guesthouse

In Kumasi, the Val's day fever is different. And about the best Val's day packages in Ghana must be put together by hotels in Kumasi to get the deal done. For this year. Asantwewaa Premier Guesthouse in this regard is bent on taking the market by storm. In one breath couples will get a deluxe double room with sumptuous breakfast and room service at your beck and call package. When it is celebration time, your wine for the toast will be provided by Asantewaa Premier. Amazingly, they began running this package as far back as in the month of January. This is true to their name.

Legacy Tribe Resort

Legacy Tribe says that the best legacy of your love to leave this Val’s day is a quiet, beautiful, serene experience at their place. Legacy Tribe is located in the Lower Town, Prampram and the best hide-out offering one of the best Val’s day packages this season. At Legacy Tribe Resort, this Valentine must just be complete! Listen! At only, $66, guests will get a luxury chalet for the night and a bottle of wine to celebrate. On arrival, chilled coconut juice will be awaiting you. I said for all this, you will pay just $ 66. $66!

Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel

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