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Friday, March 24, 2017

Destination-Koforidua, Ghana

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All roads led to Koforidua this week. Koforidua is the capital city of the Eastern Region, one of the culturally rich cities in Ghana and the capital of the New Duaben Municipal District.
On Route to Koforidua
The city of Koforidua welcomes you from different vantage points in Ghana. The Bunso stretch is a very popular route in this regard. At least, the tourists and vacation travellers to Koforidua are all over the place. The Adawso-Koforidua highway is another route with an access route to Kumasi.

 History of Koforidua
The story of Koforidua’s history is an unending must-hear. The meaning of name Koforidua is best explained by a native farmer called Kofi Fori who built his hut under a mahogany tree. The location together with this farmer hospitality grew increasingly popular as the hut and mahogany tree tended tired travellers, farmers and hunters by providing them with shelter. Eventually, the entire area was accoladed in the local dialect with the name Ko-Fori-dua which literally means Ko Fori’s tree. Very Interesting!
Good Food
Believe it or not, the best bread and cakes in Ghana are made in Koforidua. Trust me, you can munch down just a slice of B-Foster bread with a cup of cold chocolate as a full meal for the day! You won’t even itch. When it comes to the local delicacies, I mean the ‘Fufus’ and ‘Ampesie’ and co, you have hit a food mine in Koftown.

The Ladies
The mystery of Koforidua’s popularity is attributable to fine ladies who add that special ingredient to sightseeing in Koforidua. These are the type of ladies that can get both the old and the young to exercise their necks without coercion.
Business is their Nature
Koforidua pumps with trading activities endlessly all year round. Everyone here knows the art of selling so well. This makes buying another crucial public activity in the city. You know the price, he also knows the price. You have the bargaining strength, they also have the time. In Koftown, money goes and money comes.
The Schools
The schools are springing up in series. The All Nations University College, the Koforidua Polytechnic and  Pope John Senior High School and Minor Seminary are the top schools in Koforidua.

credit: myghanaonline

Tourist Destinations
The climate in Koforidua is super apt when compared to other parts of Ghana. Rainfall is also common in this city. Boti falls and the Umbrella Rock are tourist destination close to the city of Flowers.

Credit: Commons Wikimedia

Accommodation in Koforidua
The accommodation status in Koforidua can be a lifetime jolly badge. Some of the cheapest hotels in the most strategic places can be found in Koforidua. Safe Gold Hotel and Motherland Guesthouse are 2 of the cheapest hotels in Koforidua with good quality.  In addition, you can get a well-furnished apartment in Koforidua for the most reduced rates. Don’t be in a hurry to make a price comparison between accommodation in Koforidua with its mirror versions in Accra. Assuredly, you will be shocked at the vast difference!

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