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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Exploits in Mmaampehia; the Perfect Easter

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This Easter, it is destination-Brong Ahafo Region for me! Oh yes! I am going home to Mmaampehia. The beautiful trees, the calabash of water from the Kusi Yaa stream and some kola nuts to affirm my status as a blessed son of the land, I cannot wait to get home. 
I am still that famous son of Mmaampehia. But perhaps, the ulterior motive for the visit to my hometown is because of an issue that now disturbs me day and night. I must act on it! And I must act very fast.
For as long as I remember, Mmaampehia has been a peaceful town of hardworking people who want nothing more than to do their best. Until recently Mmaampehians minded their own business and left all their brag in their houses before they stepped out each morning(myself inclusive). However, quite recently the lid has had to be broken and the village folks must come out of any shell of timidity to fight for the village.
Village in ghana credit: pininterest
Mmaampehia is under siege. Some people, from who knows where, have descended on my village and are flaunting money left, right, centre and taking over major economic and business activities. As if that is not enough, Mmaampehia seems to be gradually losing her place as the major convergence point for market activities on Fridays.

All these appear to be part of a grand scheme to topple Mmaampehia as the head village in this particular district. Whether this is true or not, it will not happen.

As sure as I am the son of Kofi Kunte(well, he is not that famous, for the record), all threats must be eliminated. The plan of restoration is simpIe. Book all the top hotels in Sunyani to all the best hotels along the 23-kilometre stretch that lead to Mmmampehia from the regional capital. Two of biggest cattle in the region will be slaughtered this Easter.
Tyco City Hotel   Credit: Jumia travel
The annual durbar in Mmaampehia will see the most number of foreigners in any village in the district. Organise the biggest gathering in the village with top artistes and comedians in Ghana on the bill. If you have plans of contracting Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and Kalybos this Easter, forget it. They are going Mmaampehia. And if that is not enough, then the major facelift of the Yaa Kojo park will see will be the cap on the tale. This year all the neighbouring towns invited for the Unity cup football competition will play on their dream park(I tell you!)

In Mmaampehia, Christmas is a hype. Though there are numerous party times and a stream of prolonged holidays, activities at Christmas are limited. Easter, on the other hand, is the real deal. At Easter, the grand return of all natives of Mmaamphia, far and near, is staged. This Easter will be the biggest homecoming and cultural showcase yet.  Picnics and large gatherings, as well as night parties, are the norms during the season. Great Easter deals for accommodation, travel and food also fuel the excitement.
Credit: photosinmanilla
I promise you, by the time Easter 2017 is over, my champion status will not only be enhanced, it will be cemented for the years to come. You try me! Actually, I plan on having the celebrated kola nut tree at the centre of Mmaampehia named after me. You know, that tree served both the President of Ghana and Otumfuo Osei Tutu when they visited the village many years back. It is no mean tree and I am no mean person, so it should not be strange to have my name mentioned in this regard.

Before you start thinking that I am calling the biggest bluff, wait until you receive my call or text to join me in making the history. Wait until I draw you into the bluff with an offer of great Easter deals that promises the best trip of a lifetime this Easter. You must experience it first-hand.  All roads lead to the Brong Ahafo Region, to Sunyani, to Mmaampehia this Easter; ‘heaven’ is coming to Mmaampehia.Just one problem, I cannot assure you that after the revolution in Mmaaphehia you will return to Accra.

Convinced? Well, my alarm just sounded. It was a timely alert that woke me and I realised it was all a daydream.

Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel

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