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Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Musicians and Dancers in Port Harcourt city can't be friends for 10 months" - K.O Baba

Ace Nigerian comedian based in Port Harcourt has poured out his heart on how he feels about how comedians in the city of Port Harcourt rolls together and connects each other which cannot be done among the musicians and dancers in the city.

K.O Baba in a Facebook post revealed that he will be providing some photos to show that comedians roll better than musical artists and dancers in the port harcourt. Read as written by the comedian below!
One day I will provide pictures to show that in Port Harcourt 10 comedians might not necessarily stay as very close friends for 10 years, but they will be rolling together and connecting each other for 10 years. Meanwhile, musicians and dancers in this city can't be friends for 10 months without rooting against each other. Only gospel music acts seems to be different and not in this dirty circle.
Please we are better and bigger together, so find a way to become blessings to yourselves. We have some negative among us, but our positive supersede the negative as Comedians. I have colleagues that am not close, but I can't stop the progress of it passes through my table and they need my recommendation to seal it.

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It's shameful that even photographers have started competing and condemning themselves in this city. I agree that competition is good, but in a city like ours, we must have a way to compete healthily; we must complement and connect each other to achieve greater possibilities. I admire bloggers because to me they are the next good bunch close to comedians in Port Harcourt in relative to bonding.

Let me also say that any entertainer crying Lagos this, Lagos that here is not ready to grow. In Lagos, partnership among entertainers help them reduce hardship as they strive to process in their career. We must see that Mark Angel and Emmanuella who were not even operating from the mainstream, they were living in Oyinbo have gone global not even national. Port Harcourt to the World can be reality if you find a way to export our crafts and content.

Pls let's cooperate and conquer territories for good, that's the way forward. What we have done so far is recycling clients and money, but if you grow beyond this city, we will earn outside and bring it here, we seems to be our greatest enemies and not government and corporate organisations that deny us attention. Pls help us and listen to what I have said, please let's cooperate, connect, coordinate and compete as required. God bless......

They call me KObaba!!!

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