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Thursday, June 1, 2017

2 men caught stealing flowers and stuffed toys' from Manchester terror memorial

An angry dad captured the moment he confronted two men he accused of
stealing flowers and stuffed toys from a memorial set-up in the wake of
the Manchester terror attack .

Mark McNally, 43, was heading back from his local pub in Stalybridge,
Greater Manchester, when he claims he saw the men take two bunches of
flowers and a blue Smurf toy from the display.

When confronted, the men claimed in broken English they were actually
putting flowers down on the display, not taking them - while one holds
the toy.

Footage shows Mark angrily berating the duo, before telling them to
return the flowers and then telling them to leave or he would 'knock the
s*** out the pair of [them].

Mark, an engraver, said:

"Memorials are a mark of respect and that's widely understood.I was
raging inside but luckily I kept it together well. I was so angry with
it all.There had been a vigil at the sundial in the centre of town for
the victims of the attack and people laid flowers, cards and teddies
there.At first, I'd had a couple of pints and I sat down facing the road
waiting for my bus.I wasn't sure what they were doing but they were
acting a bit strange so that's when I started to film them.
"I saw one of the guys with flowers in his hands and originally I
thought he was going to put them on the memorial but then I saw them
walking away with them."Unfortunately, I didn't notice they had a
stuffed toy as well when I was there.

Daily Record

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