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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Several Signs Your Woman Doesn’t Want to Lose You

After many years of living together, keeping a partner toned becomes quite difficult. It seems that the family has become an open book for each other.  The couple knows everything and doesn’t expect anything new. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to understand and realize that something went wrong, maybe several years ago or yesterday.

Partners were ready for marriage and were excited about a family life. But in one moment both partners understand that they are a family only on a piece of paper but not in a real life. And what should they do in such a situation?

Are there any signs that they don’t want to lose each other? Yes, there are. If the “guilty party” is a woman, she will try to do her best to refresh their relationship if she doesn’t really want to lose her man. If you notice that the following changes have appeared on the side of your wife, you should know that everything can still become better.

1.    She increases the distance and gives you a private space.
The big part of quarrels among married couples arises due to excessive control by one partner and insufficient attention from the other. As a rule, a man suffers from the excessive custody of his beloved wife.

Now she tries to give you a private space and doesn’t demand to refuse your meeting with friends and playing football. She doesn’t also forget about her own friends and entertainment, where the husband does not participate. She gives him space to breath freely.

She finally has a serious hobby (fitness, needlework, painting, floriculture, learning a foreign language and etc.).
2.    She tries to support you.
She gives you some space but doesn’t forget to call or text you once a day in order to find out about your day. She asks you about your victories and failures and, if necessary, supports. She tries to become not just a lover but a close friend to you.

3.    She starts watching her appearance.
Many women stop paying enough attention to their appearance after marriage. If she wants to attract your attention by new clothes, makeup or a slenderer figure – she surely doesn’t want to lose you.  Maybe she starts styling her hair, putting on heels sacrificing convenience for the sake of beauty. She has rethought her daily routine and now wants to become a beautiful girl with whom you fell in love. You will appreciate not only her care but also her attractive appearance and maybe even start dating again. Dating lady of your dreams – why not?

4.    She isn’t so jealous anymore.
Women sometimes over-romanticize jealousy directed towards their side, believing it to be a proof of love.

Unlike women, all men despise such a manifestation of love and are irritated if the beloved woman turns out to be jealous. Psychologists say that most often the cause of jealousy is insecurity. That's why a woman feels that her man is about to find someone better and starts playing detective.
If she has been rethinking her behavior and has started to improve her confidence instead of continuation the detective story with your primary role in it, she really doesn’t want to lose you.

5.    She tries to surprise you.
She might decide to surprise you on the kitchen, preparing a really delicious and tasteful dinner instead of usual canned food or fast food. She might even learn how to cook your favorite dishes by your granny’s recipes.

6.    She has changed her attitude to the financial issue.
A financial well-being is one of the most painful moments for many men. If she has stopped criticizing your work, salaries, making reproaches regarding the cost of gifts, she is afraid that her criticizing can lead to a complete collapse of the relationship.

7.    She has changed her attitude to you.
If she learns to take you as you are, rather than the idealized image in her head, she doesn’t want to lose you.

If you see your woman gave up on your relationship and you feel it should be ended, listen to your heart. You deserve to be happy in relationship. Maybe, you should date a real Ukrainian woman to learn what love and care are about.

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