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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Photos from a kissing competition in Uganda on Valentine’s day

February 14 is chosen all across the world to celebrate Valentine’s day and it is a day set aside to celebrate lovers all over the world. An club in an African country,

Uganda, chose to celebrate in a special way by holding a kissing competition.

While many were celebrating the Season of Love with dinner, movies and all sorts of romantic moves, in other countries. They chose to involve everyone present at the club on that day, in a kissing competition.

In the photos that have since gone viral, couples were seen kissing each other intensely and the ladies holding a flower bouquet in what looked like a prize for an initial competition they had won before qualifying for the main kissing competition.

Other fun seekers at the spot were seen watching the competitor with great excitements and thrills.

The photos were shared on social media by a man identified as Bash Mutumba and in his post, he even mentioned the fact that Nigerian, ho are always known to copy others cannot copy that.

He wrote:
“Kissing competition in Kampala, Uganda. Nigerian copycats cant copy this”

One would wonder why the man had to involve Nigeria. He surely needed the post to trend because he is sure any issues that Nigerians are involved in on social media will surely trend, irrespective of the country it is coming from.

And you can recall that most other African countries have always been against the fact that Nigeria is considered the Giant of Africa and they will always seem to antagonize any move by Nigerians on social media.

Kenyans, for instance, have always seemed not to want to acknowledge the fact that Nigerians dominate the social media in Africa and from time to time, issues always come up between the two nations, unto who is the king of Africa, especially on social media

Nigerians on social media are already begging for the game to be moved to its country.

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